levitsa: (russian: lev vi levitsa?)

how the alchemist became a king

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Name:to the stars eternal
The graduate school ravings of a mad emotional alchemist turning the quarter-life crisis into triumphant queer Сказка. Writing a thesis on magical rituals, folk religion, and lay piety in Medieval Europe.

Subjects include: disability, gender, queer & trans* subjects, fiction writing, religion, Russian language.

Friends only, naturally.

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abominations unto nuggan!, academia, adventures, alternate realities, androgyny, anna akhmatova, asexuality, azam ali, baking, ballet, bear mccreary, being difficult, boys in books, c.s. lewis, candles, catherynne m. valente, cello, clocks, coldplay, colonial history, cooking, cult of the saints, denethor, disability, distant music, doctor who, dream experiences, dreams, dressing like i'll have to run from the daleks, ehlers-danlos, eleanor of aquitaine, ellie goulding, elsewhere, empress matilda, energy work, fair trade, fairy tales, female lords, feminism, feudalism, firebirds, folklore, forests, genderqueer, gluten intolerance, gluten-free, gondor, graduate school, historical films, history, human rights, imogen heap, indiana jones, iris, j.r.r. tolkien, judaism, judika illes, katherine of alexandria, libraries, liminal spaces, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, madman with a box, magic, medieval studies, medieval translations, melnitsa, metaphysics, middle ages, minas tirith, museums, my secret life, mysticism, myth retellings, mythology, narnia, narnia chic, natural remedies, night driving, non-ordinary reality, not-so-imaginary friends, other worlds, other worlds than these, plurality, quantum physics, quoting sue perkins, regency house parties, religion, religious studies, road trips, roses, russia, russian, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sleepthief, sustainable living, tarot, tea, teaching, the imperial troika, the imperium, the lord of the rings, the soviet union, theories of time, time travel, tobacco, trans*, traveling in time, universes next door, used bookshops, vienna teng, walking anachronisms, walking between worlds, wandering, women kings, woo, writing, yoga
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